Registration for the Fall 2020 has been cancelled,


we hope to return in the spring



Planning for a successful season takes a lot of organization.   Over the past few years the number of people that volunteer their time has gone down putting pressure on those of us that remain to take on more and more responsibilities. 

I am asking all of you to take a look at the various positions and committees below to see if there is an opportunity for you to help.  Many hands can help to make this club run smoother.

As always, we need your help whether it be as a volunteer or as a voice.  Please consider coming to our board meetings which occur every third Tuesday at 8pm via web meeting

Current Board: 

Ed C (Pres), Jenn W (Vice Pres) Jeff G (Treasurer), Rick S(Registrar), Racheal T (Secretary) Monica O. (sponsor, medals, ….)  Denise H (coordinator, spiritware,concession ……)

Board Positions/ committees:  Most of these are open and end up being added responsibilities done by the Board

Website Coordinator – Updates content on the website.  We are in the process of switching to a new website and need help developing this.

Social Media coordinator --- Post new content, monitor traffic and respond to various issues that happen on our Facebook page and other social media that may be used.

Field / Safety Coordinator --  Primary responsibility is to make sure the fields are lined each week.  This requires someone to be available for roughly 2 hours per week during the season.  Each goal needs to have an anchor system which usually is a weighted sand bag.

Equipment Coordinator --  responsible for inventory of equipment after the fall season is over (~2hrs) as well as ordering replacement gear and setting up bags for coaches in the fall (~2hrs)

Uniform Coordinator --   Placing order for Rec Uniforms.  Main time commitment is receiving the uniforms and making sure that they are distributed to the teams. (3-4 hours all told)

Photoday coordinator --  This person helps to select the company that we will use for picture day, sends out order form, coordinates schedule and helps organize on the day of the event.  (Typically 2-3 hours plus being available on the day of the event.)

Opening Day Coordinator ---  Each year we try to have our opening day the Friday before our first games start.  This takes a lot of organization to pull off.  Need a person who can interact with school and town officials plus organize this single event.

Coordinator position --  For each age group we like to have a coordinator.  This is usually a person with a child in that age group.  It could be a coach or a volunteer parent.  This person helps the club identify coaches before the season, helps put the teams together then facilitates information between the age group and the club.  Time commitment is roughly 4-8hrs before the season starts and minimal time during the season as needed.

Sponsor Coordinator --  We strive to get a sponsor for each of our recreational teams.  This offsets the cost of uniforms and lowers your registration fee.  The sponsor coordinator is tasked with soliciting our local businesses before the season so that we can get at least the 18-24 sponsors needed each year to cover our rec teams.

Medal/trophy coordinator --  For our younger groups, the club provides participation trophies and medals for the older groups.  Person is responsible for selecting, ordering and disbursing medals to the teams.

Concession Stand Coordinator --  This person would be responsible for coordinating concessions on Saturday mornings from 9-1pm as well as making sure to restock items as needed.  The club has experimented with a few different models and are open to new ideas on how to better serve the club.

Spritware Coordinator --  The club would like to offer new gear to the club and this person would coordinate that effort.

Raffle Fundraiser Coordinator --   Our raffle has been a successful fundraiser over the past few years.  This person would identify and collect prizes, order and disburse the tickets, collect the tickets and distribute the prizes.

Referee Assignor (Ed) --  Responsible for the assigning refs to the 7-12 games that are run each weekend. 

Player Development  --  Help to develop content for training and practice plans

Travel Coordinator  --  Responsible for communication between club and district travel teams.  Coordinates the practice times, game times and tournaments available.

Spring soccer Clinic coordinator ---  Responsible for overseeing the 6 week spring program that we run on Saturdays.  

Monthly Board Meeting 3rd Tuesday at 8:00 PM

Monthly Griswold Soccer Club Meeting  

3rd Tuesday each month @ 8pm

at the Griswold Youth Center at Veterans Memorial Park on Ashland Street in Jewett City.

Please consider attending and letting your voice be heard as we plan for another successful year of soccer activities.



by posted 01/17/2012
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